Jingles and Voiceover

Shannon Conley - Jingles and Voiceover

Shannon's vocal talents extend beyond the musical - she's an accomplished pro with a spoken range that's as wide as her musical abilities.

In the TV/Video Game world, Shannon provides the voices for numerous characters on a variety of animated series and video games:

Series Role Network / Production 
 Newbie and the Disasternauts Newbie (Lead) StarKidz Network
 X-Men Abigail Brand Joss Whedon / John Cassaday
 Pokémon Hunter J (recurring) TV (Episodic) | TAJ / Du Art
 Cutie Honey Gold Claw Full-length Feature Film
 Ellen's Acres Connie (recurring) Cartoon Network
 Kappa Mikey Orie (recurring) Cartoon Network
 Ah! My Goddess Urd (recurring) NYAV Post / Media Blasters
 As Told by Ginger The Little Seal Girl Nickelodeon

And when it comes to commercials, Shannon is incredibly versatile and quick to take direction. Her delivery is always natural and, of course, crystal-clear. Check out the audio player to hear a few samples of her commercial work, as both singer and voiceover talent.

Shannon Conley is a member of SAG - AFTRA